Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Boy!

Tanner John Winnie
May 28, 2008
1:52 p.m.
7 lbs 10 oz
21 inches
Such a cute little baby!
Long story short... in labor all night, Dr. appt early morning,
sent me straight to the hospital, epidural didn't work, got really sick,
baby wasn't getting oxygen, baby born, such a cutie, enjoying the moment, 
baby turned blue, nurse took baby away, next thing I knew baby was in intensive care.
Tanner spent the next three days in a oxygen tent, with tubes up his nose, 
needles in his hand, then, foot, then finally in his head, where he couldn't pull it out!
Tanner with his big brother Brandon.
Blessing day July 7 1985
The day Tanner got the nickname Trapper!
(Grandpa forgot his name, & when he was blessing the food
he said... we are so thankful for Trapper John, ha ha so funny!)
Also, this was the day Brandon's wife Robyn was born.
(little did Brandon know his future wife was on her way, when
this photo was taken.) 
3 months old

First Christmas
 One year old
Tanner loved to make messes!
This is one of his favorites, emptying all of the
shampoo & conditioner over everything, and rubbing it all around.
This one is at least cleaner than his favorite mess, which was,
playing with the ashes in the fireplace!

Second Christmas. Look at that face!
This is where Tanners loving pop started.
On a hot summer day in Saint George!
I promise its NOT a Dr. Pepper!

 Ho Ho Ho
Tanner loves Christmas. He likes to open his presents really slow,
to make them last a really long time.
Love the acid washed jeans.

Tanner wanted to be a Care Bear when he grew up.

3rd Christmas
Trying to get a picture for Christmas cards, 
Tanner wouldn't hold still. He loved fires.
( He is excited for those ashes to burn down so he can make a mess!)

5 years old
Halloween Tanners favorite holiday. NOT! For some strange reason, 
Tanner has never really liked Halloween. When he was little never liked to dress up,
& when he did, he wouldn't put the on the full costume.
(notice the care bear costume, no head piece, & I had to give him 
the sucker just to get him to put it on!)
A bunch of crazies!  
Tanner & Brandon sporting their M C Hammer pants!
(you gotta love the 90's)

Swimming in Saint George, awwww such good memories!

Playing in the snow with Amy & Austin.
Cliff jumping in Lake Powell.

Tube wars at Lake Powell.

Surfing in Hawaii!
So many good memories, Tanner it has been a life full of fun.
You make our family so much sweeter!
I wish we could go back and do it all again, I would savor every moment!
Happy Birthday, I Love you more than you know!
Love you forever, MOM : D


Karli said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!!!! You are the best!! I wish I would have known little Tanner

The Calls said...

yay, happy birthday Tanner.

Tanner Winnie said...

Thanks Mom! Sorry I haven't commented until now. I haven't been on Blogger in a long time!!! I love all the pictures. Ha ha. So funny. Love you! :)

robyn said...

Sorry It has taken me until now to comment. Been a little busy. I'm sure you understand! But what a fun post! I love baby tanner with his white hair and his tantrums! AND! Yeah you are all done posting your birthday blogs for your kids!! That's got to be a relief right? Can't wait to actually celebrate Tanner's B-day on Tuesdee!

Brandon said...

We have had some awesome times over the years and this post brings a lot of those back! Nice post mom!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Tan the Man!!!
So fun to see these old pictures.
It makes me miss the good old days...especially when you would come over to play with our vacumn:)

Brooke said...

Happy B Day Tanner! He looks just the same in all those photos, beginning with the one taken right after he was born.

Ashley said...

I never saw this, guess i was busy getting married or something :) Great post, I am a little sad that karli made tanner's birthday post and i didn't though. Such a cute little boy, i miss those days!

courtney brooke said...

I forgot to comment on this. Tanner was such a cute little boy! Love the post mom!